Our products are made from Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF), a wood product that’s perfect for your craft ideas. It has a very smooth surface that can be painted with virtually any type of paint, which makes these materials great for kids craft parties as well as homemade gifts. We use a clear coat lacquer spray to give our signs a nice shine and to help seal the paint, but this step is optional.

  • Paint brushes – sponge brushes give a smooth finish
  • Paint – acrylic is great but wall paint works too! We find DecoArt® and Delta Creamcoat® acrylic paint brands cover well and can be found at most craft stores and dollar stores.
  • Clear coat lacquer as a spray or brush-on application (optional)
  • Fine-grain sandpaper (optional)
  • White wood glue – Weldbond® glue dries strong and clear, but any brand will work. Just make sure it’s white glue or else any that squeezes out the edges may discolour the paint.
  • #8 or #10 pan head wood screws to hang your sign

Preparing the Pieces

Use sandpaper or a nail file with a light touch to smooth any rough edges or corners.

Painting Tips

Paint the letters and shapes before you glue them to ensure your paint stays where you want it. Cover the edges but don’t paint the backsides of letters and shapes you are going to glue onto the board. We paint the entire board including the back for a polished look.

When the first coat of paint is completely dry, use fine-grain sandpaper to remove paint bubbles that may have dripped on the backs of the letters and shapes. This will help ensure they lay flat and adhere well to the board.

Acrylic paint dries quickly, usually within 30 minutes. You will need 2 or 3 coats depending on the colours you have chosen.

Finishing Tips

Play around with the arrangement of your letters and symbols on the board to see what you like best. Straight lines create a clean, classic look, while curves and waves add movement and playfulness. Stacked symbols can add impact, especially if they are different colours. For example, a 2″ pink flower placed over a 3″ purple flower looks great on a white board.

Apply glue sparingly. Excess glue will squeeze out the sides when the piece is placed on the board. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions and ensure the glue is completely dry before you apply clear coat or hang your sign.

We recommend using a clear coat as well, although it is not necessary. Clear coat gives your sign a professional look and the light it reflects gives depth and dimension to your work of art. You can add sparkle to the letters and shapes using a clear coat with glitter, which can often be found as a spray or brush-on application.

Hanging Your Masterpiece

The boards and all 8″ and 12″ letters have pre-drilled keyholes in the back so you can easily hang your finished sign on a wall or door. If you have a larger letter followed by smaller letters on a board you only have to hang the board portion, not the large letter as well.

Measure the distance between the centres of the keyhole slots on the back. Make small marks on the door or wall the same distance apart. You may want to use a level to ensure your sign will hang straight. Securely fasten screws in the wall so the head of the screw sticks out of the wall approximately 1/8″.

Simply place the round part of the keyhole over the head of the screws and slide the sign down. If the sign does not sit flush to the wall, remove the sign, turn the screw in a little further, and replace the sign.

Send us a photo of your finished creation and we will include it in our Signs Painted By YOU gallery!

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