Paint Options

We offer 19 paint colours for you to choose from! You can see the colours in the image at the bottom of this page. You can also view the photo gallery of signs we make to see how the colours coordinate in a variety of combinations.

When ordering a sign, feel free to refer to the colours you see here or in a specific sign in our photo gallery.

Please note: The Signs Painted By YOU photo album includes signs our customers have painted and assembled. As such, we are unable to match the colours you see in that photo gallery.

Choose your favourite combination of colours

Paint Colours - 19 (no redbird)

Bright Red, Bright Yellow, Bright Green, Bright Blue, Bright Purple, Bright Pink, Bright Orange

Pastel Red, Pastel Yellow, Pastel Green, Pastel Blue, Pastel Purple, Pastel Pink, Pastel Orange

Black, White, Gold, Silver, Fuchsia

Glitter Options

We offer two types of glitter and you decide exactly where it is applied on your sign. Glitter is available in silver or crystal (multi-colour sparkle that reflects pastel tones) and we only charge $2 per sign for as much glitter as you like.

Examples of silver and crystal glitter


We have tried our best to represent the true paint colours here. However, due to variation in screen displays, and between the image and the actual item, these colours are not guaranteed to be the exact same shade as your finished sign. Most likely, they are very close.

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