Funky Font

Letters in 2-inch and 3-inch sizes are available in the funky font you see here. Cute and playful – each one seems to have its own personality!

Formal Font

Letters in 8-inch and 12-inch sizes are available in a more sophisticated style. (But they still know how to have fun!)

Each of these letters has keyholes drilled in back so you can hang them flush against a wall or door.


Shapes, Accents, and Special Characters

All the items you see below are available in small (2-inch) and large (3-inch) sizes. Try stacking a small star on a large star for a special effect – you can do the same with flowers and hearts! Music notes are available in sets of 2.

We can create any type of accent you need using the special characters.


We carry boards in 48 different sizes so you can arrange your letters and shapes in multiple ways! All boards have 3 keyholes drilled in the back so they can be hung easily and stay secure against a wall or door.

Boards that are 3.5 inches tall range from 4-26 inches long (lengths increase by 2-inch increments). All other boards sizes range from 6-39 inches long (lengths increase by 3-inch increments).

You can also use a 12-inch letter or horseshoe instead of a board. The 2-inch size letters work for most names. We call this “style 2-on-12.”

3.5 inch Tall BoardLetters - 1-line board

General Guidelines (not rules!) for Board Sizes

Unless you have space restrictions, we will select the board that best fits the letters and shapes arranged the way you want them. These are the ‘usual’ board sizes based on the letter sizes, but we are happy to show you as many variations as you’d like to see.

  • for 2-inch letters: 3.5 inches tall
  • boards that are 3.5″ tall range from 4″-26″ long (lengths increase by 2″ increments)
  • for 3″ letters, or 2″ in a wave: 5.5″ tall
  • for 2 lines of letters/shapes: 9.5″ tall
  • for 3 lines of letters/shapes: 13.5″ tall

Before and After

RTF Chloe                         Chloe_2hshoe


Spencer_RTF_82      Spencer


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